Our Principal’s Message

Having had the pleasure of working as a teacher and administrator for a number of years in Canada and three international settings, my enthusiasm for helping children secure the best possible education is stronger than ever. I am excited to join and lead the Misr American College student, parent and staff community as the new principal.

Mr. Frank Smida

I completed my degree in Environmental Studies at the University of Waterloo, my Bachelor of Education degree at Queen’s University, and my principal’s training at the University of Toronto. My classroom experience has included most grades from Kindergarten to Grade 12 and it has included many learning styles and exceptionalities. After spending over twenty years in the classroom my focus changed to that of school administration. As a Vice Principal and then Principal, I have served in five different schools in Ontario and three different international settings, including Indonesia, China and Egypt. Misr American College has provided an opportunity to return to Cairo where I found the people, culture and schools particularly rewarding.

Communication is the cornerstone of sound leadership. It creates, maintains and nurtures the partnerships that must exist between principal, staff, students and parents to provide a stimulating and focused educational program. My door will always be open to conversations with these partners. In fact, I will need the input of these stakeholders if our school is to realize its full potential and function most efficiently.

Misr American College’s mission is “to provide an educational setting which enables students to acquire the academic knowledge and develop the learning skills necessary to succeed in higher education and to work and prepare for adulthood, both personally and professionally. This is achieved in the context of acquiring respect for and knowledge of their cultural heritage and the ability to function in a competitive international environment.”

M.A.C.'s vision is that graduates will:

  • Know how to access information and analyze it.

  • Think critically and solve problems.

  • Be lifelong seekers of knowledge and understanding.

  • Communicate and interact effectively.

  • Be flexible and adaptable in a word of constant change.

  • Appreciate their heritage and the impact it has on their lives.

My educational beliefs and track record speak to commitment, child-centered learning, authentic and differentiated instruction, technological and curricular integration, collegiality, integrity and respect. I am a dedicated professional, a life-long learner, a global citizen, and a balanced individual. My work ethic is strong, as is my dedication to my partner, my family and my community. These are values that I endeavor to convey within and outside my work environment.

Children are our future. I can think of no more valuable role in life than to contribute to the development of our future generations. I believe that all students can learn and look forward to working with all partners to ensure that our students have the opportunities that they need in order to develop the confidence and skills to become happy and engaged members of a global society.

Frank Smida
Principal, Misr American College